About Us

What is Belpoz?

Belpoz... Bèl means Beautiful... Pòz means posing for a photo... Belpoz is a photo album that mostly contains photographs by our staff photographers as we travels across Haiti and the Haitian diaspora.

Every time we get to travel to a new city or town in Haiti, every time we get to attend a new Haitian event in Haiti or in the Haitian diaspora, we grab our camera and take lots of pictures to share with you.

Belpoz is also a repository of Haiti photos and images that is used by Affiliates websites to report the news about Haiti in various Haitian blogs and web sites across the internet. So in a sense, some of the contents of Belpoz are syndicated by other Haitian affiliate sites.

The Purpose of Belpoz...

Sometimes what we intend to accomplish takes time; I guess that's why they call it an intention, a determination to act in a certain way. Our intention with Belpoz is to help Haitians in Haiti, Haitians in the diaspora, and lovers of Haiti around the world to learn more about Haiti and understand Haitian culture through images.

As we take these pictures and images, our intention is also to share with you some information about the people and places in these photos.

Sometimes we take lots of photos of the same type of event, for example, carnival in Haiti which happens every year, or at the Haitian annual compas festivals, these photos are posted on separate websites in order to keep them together and organized.

What about the "other" photos on Belpoz?

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